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What can enzyme deficiency lead to?
Many of us use up more enzymes than we consume as we eat processed foods or foods containing no enzymes at all. When enzymes are low, breakdown and digestion of food slows down, making the food stay in the stomach much longer than usual. Continuation of this vicious cycle adversely affects our health.
What is Umeken Koso Ball EX?
As the foremost experts in Japan’s fermentation science, Umeken produces enzyme supplements from vegetables, herbs, and fruits that are produced in some of the cleanest Brazilian forests as recognized by World Heritage Site. After a three-step fermentation process using 1dH pure soft water, the complex mixture of 108 of the finest ingredients available is extracted into Umeken’s very own enzyme supplement, capturing the very essence of vitality strength in one small pill.
Umeken Koso Ball EX, what makes it special?
Umeken Koso Ball EX contains 108 different natural ingredients that are grown in pristine conditions, and it is made through a three-step fermenting process using 1dH pure soft water.
Umeken Koso Ball EX became one of Umeken's best sellers as more and more people experienced its efficacy and has helped further establish the reputation of quality that comes with the Umeken brand.