(20 days program)


Detoxy Femme™ is a 20 day multi-systems kit for women containing phytonutrient flavonoids, amino acids and powerful herbal extracts, including Neem, Red Clover and Cranberry Extract which is not included in Detoxy Cell ™.


It is recommended to postpone use of the Detoxy Femme™ program until after menstruation cycle. Take one capsules of #1 (Morning Formula) 30 minutes before breakfast with a full glass of water. Continue this for 20 days. Take two capsules of #2 (Evening Formula) 2 hours after dinner with a full glass of water. Continue this for 20 days.

How does Detoxy Femme™ work?

The body works by removing impurities from the blood in the liver where they are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates them through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when the body’s natural cleansing process is compromised, the body is unable to get rid of noxious substances, thereby undermining the body’s capacity to function optimally. Detoxy Femme™ program supports the body’s natural process by:

  1. Improving circulation 
  2. Stimulating the liver 
  3. Supporting the intestine’s, kidney’s, lung’s and skin’s natural processes
  4. Cleansing the colon and supporting healthy urinary tract
  5. Refueling the body with nutrients

How does this help me?

Detoxy Femme ™ supports the ability to breakdown, neutralize and get rid compounds and chemicals by the production of enzymes.

The process  protects the body from potentially harmful substances that either originate outside the body and are absorbed by way of food, air or water, or are produced inside the body, as a result of cellular processes. Nearly every organ of the body participates in producing enzymes that are necessary to complete the natural cleansing and metabolic process. Depending on one’s genetic makeup and predispositions, one person’s  ability may vary quite significantly from another person’s. For example, if two healthy individuals are exposed to the same substance, one person may not have a reaction whatsoever while the other person may develop watery eyes, a runny nose; irritation of the throat, lungs, or a headache. 

Does your body need Detoxy Femme ™ ?

Often your lifestyle choices and the environment you live in can lead to the presence of certain chemicals or substances in the body. It’s not always immediately obvious when levels of toxins and chemicals have reached a high level. In such a situation, it is imperative that your body be restored to a healthy balance before anything adverse occurs.  Detoxy Femme ™ can help you with this process.

What steps can I take to maintain lower toxin levels in my body?

You can make the following simple changes to your daily lifestyle:

Drink water. Recommended is a minimum of 6 glasses of water per day. Water is a catalyst for the body’s natural detoxification process.

Avoid toxins. Minimize alcoholic intake, smoking and exposure to the toxic environments.

Exercise. Participate in at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, at least three times per week. Exercise raises your metabolism, which aids the detoxification process.

Dietary Restrictions
Minimize your intake of the following (general recommendations):

  • Sugar (especially refined sugars)
  • Deep fried foods and overcooked foods
  • All dairy products except plain yogurt unless allergic, then avoid completely
  • Alcohol


Medicinal ingredients per capsule:

Medicinal ingredients/ 2 v-caps. Formula #1
Artichoke Extract 4:1 (Cynara scolymuss) 50 mg
Dandelion Extract 4:1 (Taraxacum officinale) 75 mg
Milk Thistle Extract 80 % Silymarin (Silybum marianum) 200 mg
Bupleurum Root Ext. 4:1 (Bupleurum chinense) 75 mg
Burdock Root Extract 6:1 (Arctium lappa) 75 mg
Turmeric Extract 10:1 (Curcuma longa) 50 mg
Schisandra (fruit) Ext. 4:1 (Schisandra chinensis) 50 mg
Neem Extract 4:1 (Azadirachta indica) 50 mg
Barberry Root Extract 4:1 (Berberis vulgaris) 50 mg
Gentian Extract 4:1 (Gentiana lutea) 75 mg
Pau d’Arco Root Bark Ext. 4:1 (Tabebuia impetiginosa) 75 mg
Cranberry (fruit) Ext. 18:1 (Vaccinium macrocarpon) 150 mg
Red Clover Flower Ext. 4:1 (Trifolium pratense) 15 mg
Green Tea Ext. 95% polyphenols (Camelia sinensis) 50 mg
Black Pepper Extract 20:1 (piper nigrum) 1.5 mg
D-mannose 60 mg
N-acetyl-cysteine 75 mg
L-Glycine 75 mg
L-Glutathione 50 mg
Medicinal ingredients/ 2 v-caps. Formula #2
Marshmallow Root Extract 4:1 (Althea officinalis) 100 mg
Slippery Elm Bark Extract 4:1 (Ulmus fulva) 80 mg
Boldo Extract 4:1 (Peumus boldus) 100 mg
Rosemary Leaf Ext. 4:1 (Rosmarinus officinalis) 80 mg
Ginger Extract 4:1 (Zingiber officinale) 50 mg
Psyllium Husk Powder (Plantago ovata) 350 mg
Chlorella vulgaris (broken cell wall) 100 mg
Apple Pectin (Malus pumila) 100 mg
Black Pepper Seed Ext. 20:1 (Piper nigrum) 1.5 mg
Amla Seed Ext. 10:1 (Phyllanthus emblica) 93.3 mg
Bohera Seed Ext. 10:1 (Terminalia bellirica) 93.3 mg
Harra Seed Ext. 10:1 (Terminalia chebula) 93.3 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients

Non-medicinal ingredients (Formula #1): microcrystalline cellulose and vegetable capsule.

Non-medicinal ingredients (Formula #2): microcrystalline cellulose and vegetable capsule.



Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding, taking blood thinning medication or have any serious health disease.

Consumption with alcohol or other medications with sedative properties is not recommended. Do not use if you have diabetes, hypokalemia, edema or disorders of kidney, heart, liver, gall bladder or acute gastrointestinal disorders. Discontinue use if abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea occurs. Hypersensitivity or allergy is known to occur, in which case, discontinue use. Do not use prior or after recent surgery.