Unit Weight: (10g x 10 Sticks) x 4

Collagen Honey Stick

- Collagen honey stick with blueberry contains of collagen and blueberries specially selected and optimized for enriching youth and beauty.


Why is it good for youth, beauty and bones?

Collagen is the most effective superfood for skin care. Fountain of youth, reducing wrinkle and dryness. Also effective in joint pains, bone strengthening, weight management and wound healing. 

Fresh Blueberry is mostly effective for anti-aging, eyes, skin care and vascular health. Helps improve brain function and maintain a healthy body. Freeze-dried blueberries are used, dissolving more than 3.5 times the nutrients.

Natural honey is a nutritious food that eliminates toxins in the body, relieves cold, improves immunity, controls cholesterol levels, prevents heart disease, and fights fatigue.