Unit Weight: (10g x 10) x 4

Royal Honey Stick

Royal Honey Stick contains most beloved superfoods

Royal Jelly, Propolis, and Pollen.

This is a full nutrition package of all the best things from the bee has to offer. 


 Why is it good for general strength and immune system?

Royal Jelly is an exclusive food for the queen bee, a.k.a queen of nutrition! Anti-cancer, preventing adult diseases, restoring gastric and liver function, restoring fatigue and strengthening immunity, relieving menopausal symptoms. 

Propolis is natural antibiotic substance, effective in treating skin, oral cavity, digestive organs, and female diseases. Bees use them to protect themselves from external germs.

Pollen is nature-made energizer. It is effective in osteoporosis, anemia, inflammation, etc. and strengthens blood circulation, sulfate effect, brain health. Highest protein per gram of animal food, effective for recharging. 

Natural honey is a nutritious food that eliminates toxins in the body, relieves cold, improves immunity, controls cholesterol levels, prevents heart disease, and fights fatigue.