Herba Respiratory Care Supplement – 120 Capsules

Respiratory Supplement with Mullein Leaf Extract for Lungs | Organic and Vegan Mucus and Phlegm Remover Capsules for Healthy Lungs | 520mg Per Serving Received NPN# 80110797  from Health Canada


Providing health through the power of nature with Herba Respiratory Care Capsules with Mullein for Lungs!

Located in Toronto, Canada, Herba is proud to be one of the leading distributors of herbal supplements in Canada for the last 15 years. Although we’re able to boast an extensive range of Health Canada approved supplements with innovative and potent ingredients sourced from all around the world, the vision has always remained the same, to provide health through the power of nature. Honesty and integrity are a vital component to everything we do here at Herba, you could say these qualities run through all of our health supplements. If one thing’s for sure, our herbal lung cleanse for smokers certainly didn’t miss the memo!

Herba’s unique blend of 7 herbal ingredients formulated in optimal ratios…

Broccoli, helps enhanced detoxification of pollutants like smoke

Reishi Mushroom, helps to provide immune system assistance

Thyme, helps to soothe coughs and nasal congestion with this expectorant

Ginger, helps to improves cardiovascular circulation

Astragalus, a well known adaptogen to help provide anti-inflammatory benefits

Ivy Leaves, saponins and flavonoids to help relax airways

Mullein Extract, helps to ease unwanted respiratory symptoms

Discover natural healing with Herba’s capsules for healthy lungs. Our scientific formulation of 100% herbal ingredients are blended in optimal ratios, ensuring they can work diligently for you to fight off your coughs and dispel phlegm. Made available for all who need it, Herba’s respiratory supplements are a staple in many Canadian homes, and we’d love to share these benefits with you next!

Herba Respiratory Care Supplement, you’ll be telling your friends where you got yours!


TAKE A DEEP BREATH – Control and strengthen your respiratory and lung health with Herba healthy breathing supplement. We’ve harnessed the power of 7 herbal ingredients, including Mullein, in optimal ratios specifically designed to support your respiratory tract.

USED FOR CENTURIES – Reishi mushroom has been used for centuries as a traditional herbal remedy to ease breathing issues. Take our respiratory supplements to help boost your immune system and fight fatigue. Our mullein capsules have been proven by the test of time!

WORLD CLASS INGREDIENTS – Joining mullein and reishi mushrooms in our potent respiratory care supplements are broccoli to stimulate gene activity for lung protection, ivy leaves with broncho-dilatory benefits, thyme to serve as an expectorant mucus and phlegm remover and so much more!

EASY TO USE – Harnessing the lung flush benefits of our powerful little lung health supplements has never been easier with enhanced absorption and high bioavailability! Just one capsule 1-2 times a day to help ease coughs, colds and protect your lungs from damaging pollutants.

NATURAL AND SAFE – Our completely natural and organic lung cleanse capsules are free of artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives. These  respiratory care capsules are  with NPN# 80110797  from Health Canada like all of our supplements, we don’t tolerate any other nasties!

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