Total Weight:250ml, 120ml



DenTosso helps restore and maintain oral health by strengthening jaw bones to support teeth.When used in conjunction with bone grafts and dental implants, DenTosso can not only speed up these procedures, but also increase their success rate.


DenTosso uses SAC technology to help: 

  • Maintain healthy teeth and gums 
  • Strengthen jaw bones 
  • Absorb phosphorus and maximize bone-strengthening benefits
  • Increase the success of bone grafts, implants, or other dental treatments


DenTosso is registered with Health Canada. 


Suggested Use:

Mix 2.5-5ml of DenTosso with approximately 250-500ml of water. Take once or twice daily. We recommend that you take DenTosso on an empty stomach in order to maximize its effects.