Total Weight:250ml


Marah-Cel is our strongest Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium-applied product, helping to detoxify the body from harmful substances and pathogens. Marah-Cel helps stimulate the immune system and eliminate free radicals. It also helps maintain the body’s normal pH, allowing for efficient delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

Marah-Cel is an antioxidant that helps:
  • protect against oxidative stress
  • fight cell damage caused by free radicals
  • maintain thyroid gland function
  • maintain overall good health

Marah-Cel is registered with Health Canada.

Suggested Use:

Mix 2.5-5ml of Marah-Cel with approximately 250-500ml of water. Take once or twice daily. We recommend that you take Marah-Cel on an empty stomach in order to maximize its effects.