Propolis is a resinous, sticky gum, whose color varies from yellow-green to dark brown, depending on its age and source.

The primary role of propolis is the protection of honey bees against discase. Flavonoids are considered to be the main protective component of propolis. Propolis is a natural antibiotic.

So effective are the antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiparasitic properties of propolis that the interior of a beehive is many times more germfree than the most sterile operating room.

Dr. Bent Havsteen, M.D, Former Professor at Cornell University, and now with Kie University in West Germany. statcs, "The action of Propolis bioſlavonoids is almost identical with that of aspirin, blocking the same enzyme.

The advantage of Propolis over aspirin - it has no side effects. He states that the bioflavonoids in Propolis stimulate the body production of the natural immune factor. interferon.

We sce that the action of bioflavonoids from Propolis is form of internal immunity for many ailments.


Total Weight:50ml